Instructions for conducting screenings



Please do not take food, coffee or drinks before the tests. Plain water may be drunk. This will ensure greater accuracy in the tests.

For females, please schedule an appointment at least 3 days after the last day of menstruation.

Please bring your glasses if you use them. Please avoid wearing contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, you must remove your contact lenses 20 minutes before proceeding with the test.

It is recommended /but not required/ that the echography examination be performed between the last day of the menstrual cycle and  the first day of ovulation.

Cytoanalysis cannot be performed during a cycle.

Please have the bladder filled.

The test is performed according to a schedule prescribed by the attending physician.

In the morning on an empty stomach, WITHOUT coffee intake.

A minimum of 10 days after the last intake of preparations containing them, including multivitamin complexes.

In the morning, no intake of coffee and other caffeine-containing substances, no smoking, and no intake of medications prior to taking blood.

Urine collection begins in the morning, with the first portion of urine being voided. Each subsequent portion is collected in a clean container convenient for determining the total amount of urine. It is stored in a cool place protected from direct sunlight. Collection of urine is completed the next day at the same time as the collection of the sample. The total amount of urine passed in 24 hours is determined. The urine shall be thoroughly mixed. Approximately 50 ml of the total amount is brought to the laboratory.

An average portion of the first morning urine after external toilet is examined. The urine is separated into a special sterile container.

Collected in the morning before tooth brushing and oral hygiene.

The material is taken from different parts of the feces and placed in a special container.

The material is taken in the morning, before toileting and defecation.

In the morning on an empty stomach after a 12-hour fast. Patient should take fat-poor food 2-3 days before the examination. Two weeks after discontinuation of medications that affect fat metabolism.

In the morning, on a schedule depending on the phase of the monthly cycle.

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